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08:40:29 xq: LittleFox: nice
11:57:40 LittleFox: xq what do you want to tell me with that link?
11:58:01 xq: faszinierend!
11:58:11 xq: > 3) have a USB 3.0 super-speed A-to-A debugging cable.
11:58:21 LittleFox: you now have one iirc
11:58:27 LittleFox: just have to solder the connectors :3
11:58:35 xq: yeah
11:58:43 xq: it's still in my purse /o\
12:00:57 LittleFox: remember: both connectors on same side
12:00:59 LittleFox: :D
12:01:27 LittleFox: next version will be usb-c
12:01:37 LittleFox: not working? disconnect, turn around and connect again.
12:03:50 xq: haha :D
12:10:57 xq: wo finde ich mehr infos zu dieser schnitzelstelle?
12:29:45 LittleFox: xhci spec
12:30:19 LittleFox: 7.6, pages 532ff,
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